SharePoint Services

We provide SharePoint services. A SharePoint server can store all of a department’s data in one convenient centralized location. This provides a secure platform for easy collaboration of sensitive documents, file sharing, tasks, events, and contacts. Get more done in less time; make collaboration easy and simple—around the corner or around the world. Our hosted SharePoint services offer the following benefits:

  • Set up alerts that will notify users when any documents or information are changed or have been added to improve collaboration between team members.
  • Authors decide how documents are distributed and how they are used by others.
  • Use audio, video, e-mail, or instant message to exchange information and ideas instantly.
  • Built-in lists for sharing information, contacts, tasks, and announcements.
  • Create photo libraries to share project-related graphics and photos, as well as document libraries to share project documents.
  • SharePoint sites are searchable, making it even easier for users to find the documents and information they need.
  • Fully compatible with Microsoft Office.
  • Users can add members, assign tasks, and edit documents.

SharePoint Hosting Plans

Below are sample plans for SharePoint server hosting. We have a wide variety of Exchange email hosting clients — requiring just a few email accounts to a few thousands per month. We can provide a no cost, no obligation quote for your organization’s specific SharePoint needs.


Business Pro

  • WSS 3.0
  • 300Mb Storage
  • Up to 5 users, $1/mo per additional user
  • 6 GB Traffic monthly transfer
  • Daily and weekly backups
  • FREE set up (limited time)
  • FREE 24x7x365 technical support
  • Annual Discounted Rate: $319/year (FREE set up &FREE month)


Enterprise Pro

  • SharePoint 2010
  • Dedicated Windows Server
  • Intel CPU 2.4 GHz or better
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 100 GB space
  • 100 GB per month data transfer
  • Daily and weekly backups
  • FREE set up (limited time)
  • FREE 24x7x365 technical support
  • COST: $349 per month plus $29 per month, per user

SharePoint Plans 500 Users

For 500 users we can provide a server with 500GB usable space, all for $1,899 per month. The one-time setup fee is $999 which we will waive with an annual commitment. You will still get our 60-day 100% satisfaction guarantee. This will include TWO physical servers (not virtual servers): a front end web server running Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 (or 2007) and a back-end server running Microsoft SQL Server 2005 or 2008.

We can also provide a WSS 3.5 server for 500 users, all for $599 per month for a single server solution with 250GB of space, or $899 per month for a dual server solution with 500GB space (a front-end web server running WSS and a back-end database server running Microsoft SQL Server 2005 or 2008).
If you want to order one of the above packages or customize a server for your unique requirements, please email or call 1.800.525.0031 or 919-544-4101.