What Is Different About Cloud Security?

In many ways, there is nothing that different about security in the cloud. Since the arrival of cloud computing, we are surely seeing security under a microscope or in a new light. The truth is, after all, is that security is still security. The cloud model may have changed the specs of “who does what”, but all the information we have learned about security still applies.

cloud security

Cloud Security

There are some people out there who would have you believe that there is some magical element connected to cloud security now that there is the “Cloud”. So where are we now?

If you are using a self-hosted and on-premises private cloud, the entire responsibility of security is yours. These are some of the same responsibilities you would have had as a data center administrator. If you are currently out-sourcing some of your cloud computing, you are actually into a shared-responsibility cloud model. By definition the word “shared” means that you trust someone to some level.

So, should you trust your cloud computing provider? Certainly you are able to do a better job yourself, right? Well, yes and no.

Cloud Computing Security

Today a lot of current Cloud Providers have become certified. Being certified means they will comply with the numerous standards which were designed to reassure us that they are able to do what they say they can do. If you are a SMB, there is a good likelihood that your cloud computing provider will have a lot more certifications than you might have. If you are an Enterprise company then you may have all the certifications taken care of on your own.

So, is there some mythical formula to be able to get reliable security in the cloud? No. When we talk about security in the cloud, we should consider all the usual topics: Authentication, Authorization, Encryption, Digital Certificates, and so on. These all apply equally for inside or outside of the cloud.

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